Making Life Easier for Mobile Massage Therapists


Made for Massage Therapists, by a MassageTherapist

The Alumobile Mobile Massage Trolley was created with therapists in mind at every step of the way. Knowing the problems of lugging around heavy trolleys, our founder Stan set out to do things a better way. And that’s just what he did.

The result? A lightweight, sleek aluminium trolley that makes it easier to travel between appointments and reduces the stress on your arms, wrists and back. 

Amazon's Best Seller 

Loved by Therapists and Suppliers


"Alumobile's engineering expertise has improved the way massage therapists work across Europe. Not only can they work even easier as mobile therapists but they can earn even more money."

Urban Massage, Lead Therapist


“Alumobile has changed the way mobile therapists perceive moving around the city with their massage beds. It makes their job and journeys much easier, and they know they can rely on its quality. Smart design, sturdiness and durability. One of the best inventions of the past decade." 

- Paolo A. Dalla Fina, London Serenity Managing Director


Lightweight. Durable. Effortless.